The Journey

Transforming the Patient-Provider Experience

Written, edited and curated by Loyale founder Dan Peterson, The Journey explores ideas and innovation to enrich the patient-provider relationship

Growth in Healthcare Spending Will Decelerate Post-COVID: How Hospitals Should Plan

The 2021 JP Morgan Healthcare Conference & How Hospitals Stay Relevant after COVID

Haven Shuts Down But Disruption Thrives

Healthcare in the 2020s: The Consumer Rules

Is Amazon’s Expanding Push into Healthcare Anything for Health Systems to Worry About?

For Legacy Healthcare Providers, The Retail Threat Keeps Getting Bigger

While Hospital Margins Shrink, Leaders Search for More Sustainable Operating Models

What Healthcare Needs from the New Administration & What It Will Probably Get

While Hospitals Fight COVID-19, The Competition is Getting Serious

COVID-19, a New Administration, and a Changing Marketplace. Now What?

Health Systems, COVID-19 and the Redefined Healthcare Landscape in 2021 and Beyond

The Future for Virtual Health Care in a Consumer-Driven Marketplace

The Trends Defining Healthcare’s Next Normal. The Hospital Financial Model They Require

Patients Love Virtual Health. Digital Financial Engagement Makes it Better.

Surprise Bills are in the Headlines Again. Let's Solve the Problem

The Long-Term Impacts of COVID-19 on Healthcare Are Becoming Clear

4 Changes Healthcare Providers Must Embrace for Success After COVID

COVID-19: Healthcare Consumerism’s Tipping Point

Healthcare Affordability is More Than a Problem. It’s a Crisis

Virtual Health Demands Virtual, Affordable Patient Payment

In Healthcare, All Signs Point to Digital Transformation

Healthcare’s COVID-19 Response Is a Window to the Industry’s Future

Financial Agility is Essential to Healthcare’s Post-COVID-19 New Normal

COVID-19 and the Growing Demand for Healthcare Transparency

Healthcare’s COVID-19 Secret Weapon – Innovation

Financial Recovery for Health Systems is at Least a Year Away. Going Digital Can Accelerate It

Five Critical Operational and Financial Capabilities Required for Healthcare’s Financial Survival

CFO Playbook - Turning Financial Trauma into Transformation

To Recover After COVID-19, Healthcare Providers Must Advance Tools for Patient Self-Help

Healthcare’s Post-COVID-19 Margin Recovery Plan: Permanent Digitally-Enabled Cost Take-outs that Win with Patients

Answering the $3 Trillion Question: Five Critical Strategies Essential to Healthcare's COVID-19 Financial Recovery

Healthcare’s COVID-19 Recovery Plan is Beginning to Take Shape and Patient-Friendly Tech is Center Stage

Healthcare’s Economic Recovery Will Depend on Rapid Adoption of RCM Innovation

Financial Strategies for the Post COVID-19 Recovery

Innovation: The Lasting Legacy of the COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 Financial Crisis: 6 Steps Hospitals Can Take Now to Help Their Patients and Themselves

ONC Cures Act Final Rules – Another Milestone for the Empowered Healthcare Consumer

Witnessing the Dawn of Healthcare’s Consumer Revolution

EHR Systems. The Cure Has Become Worse Than the Disease.

Top Healthcare Trends for 2020 & Some Early Wins in the Quest for Transformation

Making the Case for Patient Financial Quality and Medical Quality

The American Healthcare System’s 800-pound Gorilla Has Spoken

Disruption and the “Retailization” of Healthcare

J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference 2020 - Innovation, Efficiency & the Consumer

Patient Pre- and Point-of-Service Pay Begins with Financial Engagement

40 Percent of Hospital Revenue at Risk: Patient Loyalty is Imperative

Healthcare Price Transparency: Doctors Need It Too

Hospital Budgets 2020: Resist the Cost-Cut Bias and Invest for Success

Medicare’s Price Transparency Rules Alone Don’t Deliver What Patients Need - a Patient-First Approach Does

Where’s My Pizza? A Winning New Vision for Transparency in Healthcare

Hospital Patient Revenue Cycle: Providers Can Turn Pain into Gain

How Ambulatory Surgical Centers are Leveraging Patient Engagement to Grow Market Share & What Hospitals Can Do to Compete

Hospital Billing Practices are Under a Microscope and Providers Are Responding to the Public and Political Scrutiny

Addressing Patient Financial Toxicity for the Oncology Industry

Tackling Rampant Waste in Healthcare - A Guide for Healthcare Providers in the New Consumer-Driven Marketplace

Six Ways to Engage Patients for Better Consumer and Provider Outcomes

Healthcare Cost Management - How to Achieve Your Goals and Remain Competitive

Strengthening Patient-Provider Relationships and Minimizing Physician Attrition

Why Financial Engagement Should Be On Every Provider's Priority List

Private Equity Investments and the Drive for Innovation in Healthcare

Authentic Patient Engagement, Pt. 2 - The New Provider/Patient Partnership

Authentic Patient Engagement: What It Is, and How to Achieve It – Pt.1

Taking the Blinders Off Medicare’s Price Transparency Rules – A Healthcare Industry Alert

Why You Should Care About the High Cost of Healthcare Collections

A Concept Whose Time Has Come: One Bed - One Bill

We The Patients: Consumerism, Convenience & Technology

What a “Healthcare Platform” Is and Why It Should Matter to You

Electronic Medical Record Systems: Powerful for Clinical Engagement, A Liability for Patient Financial Engagement

The Big Money is Betting on Healthcare. What That Means for Providers and Patients

5 New Rules that Could Change the Way You Deliver Healthcare

The Three “I”s – Key Principles to Prosper in the Consumer-Driven Healthcare Market

Consumers are Online. Why Aren’t They Using Healthcare Provider Portals?

Tackling Surprise Medical Bills: The First Step Toward a Comprehensive Patient Financial Experience Strategy

Surprise Medical Bills: The 6-Tools Providers Need to Prevent Them

Healthcare’s Strategy for Patient Engagement & Patient Payments: If Hospitals Don’t Drive, Regulators Will

HHS's New Rules on Interoperability and Patient Access: Health Records are Only the Beginning

Exceed Patient Expectations With a Platform for Excellence

Call it a Crusade: Why I Started Loyale Healthcare

Thriving in a Cost-Conscious Healthcare Marketplace

Managing Adaptive Change in Healthcare

How Self-Service and Automation Add Value to Patient Financial Engagement

Transforming the Patient Experience

Defend Your Market Share in a Competitive Consumer-Driven Market

5 Strategies for Successful Digital Patient Financial Engagement

The Promise of Collaboration to Align Revenue Cycle with Care

Adapting to a Changing Playing Field in Healthcare

The Surprising Outcomes of Superior Patient Financial Engagement

Mastering the Art of Digital Patient Engagement

Solving the Patient-Pay Challenge

Consumerism is the New Ball Game

4 Best Practices for Patient Responsibility Portfolio Management

Are Patients Now Customers Too?

Why does being a market leader matter?

It’s about more than just healthcare.

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