The Journey

Transforming the Patient-Provider Experience

Written, edited and curated by Loyale founder Dan Peterson, The Journey explores ideas and innovation to enrich the patient-provider relationship

The Long-Term Impacts of COVID-19 on Healthcare Are Becoming Clear

4 Changes Healthcare Providers Must Embrace for Success After COVID

COVID-19: Healthcare Consumerism’s Tipping Point

Healthcare Affordability is More Than a Problem. It’s a Crisis

Virtual Health Demands Virtual, Affordable Patient Payment

In Healthcare, All Signs Point to Digital Transformation

Healthcare’s COVID-19 Response Is a Window to the Industry’s Future

Financial Agility is Essential to Healthcare’s Post-COVID-19 New Normal

COVID-19 and the Growing Demand for Healthcare Transparency

Healthcare’s COVID-19 Secret Weapon – Innovation

Financial Recovery for Health Systems is at Least a Year Away. Going Digital Can Accelerate It

Five Critical Operational and Financial Capabilities Required for Healthcare’s Financial Survival

CFO Playbook - Turning Financial Trauma into Transformation

To Recover After COVID-19, Healthcare Providers Must Advance Tools for Patient Self-Help

Healthcare’s Post-COVID-19 Margin Recovery Plan: Permanent Digitally-Enabled Cost Take-outs that Win with Patients

Answering the $3 Trillion Question: Five Critical Strategies Essential to Healthcare's COVID-19 Financial Recovery

Healthcare’s COVID-19 Recovery Plan is Beginning to Take Shape and Patient-Friendly Tech is Center Stage

Healthcare’s Economic Recovery Will Depend on Rapid Adoption of RCM Innovation

Financial Strategies for the Post COVID-19 Recovery

Innovation: The Lasting Legacy of the COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 Financial Crisis: 6 Steps Hospitals Can Take Now to Help Their Patients and Themselves

ONC Cures Act Final Rules – Another Milestone for the Empowered Healthcare Consumer

Witnessing the Dawn of Healthcare’s Consumer Revolution

EHR Systems. The Cure Has Become Worse Than the Disease.

Top Healthcare Trends for 2020 & Some Early Wins in the Quest for Transformation

Making the Case for Patient Financial Quality and Medical Quality

The American Healthcare System’s 800-pound Gorilla Has Spoken

Disruption and the “Retailization” of Healthcare

J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference 2020 - Innovation, Efficiency & the Consumer

Patient Pre- and Point-of-Service Pay Begins with Financial Engagement

40 Percent of Hospital Revenue at Risk: Patient Loyalty is Imperative

Healthcare Price Transparency: Doctors Need It Too

Hospital Budgets 2020: Resist the Cost-Cut Bias and Invest for Success

Medicare’s Price Transparency Rules Alone Don’t Deliver What Patients Need - a Patient-First Approach Does

Where’s My Pizza? A Winning New Vision for Transparency in Healthcare

Hospital Patient Revenue Cycle: Providers Can Turn Pain into Gain

How Ambulatory Surgical Centers are Leveraging Patient Engagement to Grow Market Share & What Hospitals Can Do to Compete

Hospital Billing Practices are Under a Microscope and Providers Are Responding to the Public and Political Scrutiny

Addressing Patient Financial Toxicity for the Oncology Industry

Tackling Rampant Waste in Healthcare - A Guide for Healthcare Providers in the New Consumer-Driven Marketplace

Six Ways to Engage Patients for Better Consumer and Provider Outcomes

Healthcare Cost Management - How to Achieve Your Goals and Remain Competitive

Strengthening Patient-Provider Relationships and Minimizing Physician Attrition

Why Financial Engagement Should Be On Every Provider's Priority List

Private Equity Investments and the Drive for Innovation in Healthcare

Authentic Patient Engagement, Pt. 2 - The New Provider/Patient Partnership

Authentic Patient Engagement: What It Is, and How to Achieve It – Pt.1

Taking the Blinders Off Medicare’s Price Transparency Rules – A Healthcare Industry Alert

Why You Should Care About the High Cost of Healthcare Collections

A Concept Whose Time Has Come: One Bed - One Bill

We The Patients: Consumerism, Convenience & Technology

What a “Healthcare Platform” Is and Why It Should Matter to You

Electronic Medical Record Systems: Powerful for Clinical Engagement, A Liability for Patient Financial Engagement

The Big Money is Betting on Healthcare. What That Means for Providers and Patients

5 New Rules that Could Change the Way You Deliver Healthcare

The Three “I”s – Key Principles to Prosper in the Consumer-Driven Healthcare Market

Consumers are Online. Why Aren’t They Using Healthcare Provider Portals?

Tackling Surprise Medical Bills: The First Step Toward a Comprehensive Patient Financial Experience Strategy

Surprise Medical Bills: The 6-Tools Providers Need to Prevent Them

Healthcare’s Strategy for Patient Engagement & Patient Payments: If Hospitals Don’t Drive, Regulators Will

HHS's New Rules on Interoperability and Patient Access: Health Records are Only the Beginning

Exceed Patient Expectations With a Platform for Excellence

Call it a Crusade: Why I Started Loyale Healthcare

Thriving in a Cost-Conscious Healthcare Marketplace

Managing Adaptive Change in Healthcare

How Self-Service and Automation Add Value to Patient Financial Engagement

Transforming the Patient Experience

Defend Your Market Share in a Competitive Consumer-Driven Market

5 Strategies for Successful Digital Patient Financial Engagement

The Promise of Collaboration to Align Revenue Cycle with Care

Adapting to a Changing Playing Field in Healthcare

The Surprising Outcomes of Superior Patient Financial Engagement

Mastering the Art of Digital Patient Engagement

Solving the Patient-Pay Challenge

Consumerism is the New Ball Game

4 Best Practices for Patient Responsibility Portfolio Management

Are Patients Now Customers Too?

Why does being a market leader matter?

It’s about more than just healthcare.

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